In 2018, the team within CFA Institute that oversees the GIPS standards became responsible for all industry codes and standards that apply to firms and asset owners. As of today, these other codes and standards include the Asset Manager Code, the Pension Trustee Code, and the Endowment Code. We will also be taking responsibility for other industry standards that are currently being developed. This change required us to change our current governance structure, including the current GIPS standards committees. Volunteers are actively being recruited to serve on the following CFA Institute committees. 

We are actively recruiting volunteers to serve on the GIPS Standards United States Investment Performance Committee (USIPC) as well as a new chairperson.  The USIPC serves as the United States GIPS Sponsor and acts as a forum for stakeholders of the GIPS standards. The USIPC is tasked with promoting the adoption, implementation, and development of the GIPS standards as industry best practice for calculating and presenting investment performance.
Thank you to the more than 100 organizations that provided comments on the 2020 GIPS Standards Exposure Draft (PDF) and 2020 GIPS Standards for Verifiers Exposure Draft (PDF). A final version of the 2020 GIPS standards will be released on 30 June 2019, with an effective date of 1 January 2020. View comments on the 2020 GIPS Standards Exposure Draft. View comments on the 2020 GIPS Standards for Verifiers Exposure Draft.

Standards and Guidance

  • GIPS Handbook: The current edition of the GIPS standards with added interpretive discussion for each provision
  • Q&A Database: An extensive database of GIPS topics searchable by category, date, and/or keywords
  • Guidance Statements: Authoritative guidance on a particular topic or additional topic-specific requirements and/or recommendations
  • Exposure Drafts: Proposed guidance statements under development that have been released for public comment
  • Endorsed Translations of the GIPS Standards

Upcoming Events

GIPS Standards Interactive Workshop
10 September 2019
Scottsdale, AZ
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23rd Annual GIPS Standards Conference
11-12 September 2019
Scottsdale, AZ
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