Firms Claiming Compliance with the GIPS Standards

These firms have notified CFA Institute of their claim of compliance with the GIPS standards and have given permission to publish their firm name on our website here. This list is for informational purposes only. CFA Institute does not endorse the firms included on this list or engage in review, enforcement, or quality control of a firm’s claim of compliance with the GIPS standards. CFA Institute does not represent or verify that these firms are actually in compliance. Read our full disclaimer.

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Alcentra High Yield, a division of Alcentra NY, LLC
Alpine Woods Capital Investors, LLC
Aon - GIPS Firm
Apollo Capital Management, LP
Baker Gilmore & Associates Inc.
Ballina Capital
BB&T Institutional Investment Advisers, Inc.
BroadCore Investments LP
Cashen Investment Advisors, Inc.
Cephei Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited
Credit Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland) Ltd
Credit Suisse Asset Management Italy
D. E. Shaw Investment Management, L.L.C.
Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management France
Fidelity Management Trust Company
Glendon Capital Management L.P.
GNI Capital, Inc.
Gulfstream CM, LLC
Hammer Asset Management, LLC
I.G. Investment Management, Ltd.
ICMA-RC Investment Division
Infinitas Capital LLC
Ironvine Capital Partners
L2 Asset Management, LLC
La Francaise Forum Securities
Lagoda Investment Management LP
Lee Capital Management LP
Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc.
Next Century Growth Investors, LLC
Prudential Private Placement Investors, L.P.
Rockefeller Asset Management
Santander AM Chile
Santander AM Portugal
Schwerin Boyle Capital Management, Inc.
Sheets Smith Investment Management, LLC
Telos Asset Management LLC
Telsey Consumer Fund Management LP
The Swarthmore Group
Twele Capital Management, Inc.
Westwood Global Investments, LLC

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