GIPS Executive Committee

The GIPS Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for the strategic development, promotion, and implementation of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). Their purpose is to promote the adoption and implementation of a single investment performance presentation standard throughout the world as the common method for calculating and presenting investment performance.

The EC operates as a “think tank” for performance measurement topics and to research and develop performance standards as needed by the industry. They implement procedures and controls to ensure the GIPS standards are consistently applied, interpreted, expanded, and verified.

The Executive Committee is a standing committee of CFA Institute and serves as the effective decision-making authority for the GIPS standards. The EC also utilizes the GIPS Technical Committee (TC) and other Subcommittees to involve all Country Sponsors and key stakeholders in the ongoing oversight of the Standards. Together they contribute to the development, maintenance, and promotion of the GIPS standards. 

Executive Committee Members

GIPS Executive Director
Karyn Vincent, CFA, CIPM
Head, Global Industry Standards
CFA Institute
United States

Chair and At-Large Member 
Carl Bacon, CIPM 
United Kingdom

At-Large Member
Stefan J. Illmer, Ph.D. 
Managing Director
Illmer Investment Performance Consulting AG

At-Large Member
Gabriele Montalbetti, CFA, CIPM
Director, External Fund Research and Fund of Funds Management
Consultinvest SGR

At-Large Member
Arin Stancil, CFA, CIPM
Managing Director, Principal
Guardian Performance Solutions, LLC
United States

At-Large Member
Neil E. Riddles, CFA, CIPM
Riddles Investment Consulting, LLC
United States

At-Large Member
Justin Guthrie, CFA
ACA Compliance Services
United States

At-Large Member
Thomas A. Peters, CIPM
Kreischer Miller & Company
United States

Technical Committee, Chair
Dimitri Senik, CFA
Director, Head of Investment Performance Services