Benefits for Asset Owners

Why Should Asset Owners Comply with the GIPS® Standards?

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  • Compliance helps ensure that asset owner’s investment performance is complete and fairly presented regardless of whether assets are managed internally, externally, or both.
  • Compliance requires establishment of robust investment performance policies and procedures, and it allows an asset owner to be confident that the data is being presented to the oversight body is consistent and transparent.
  • Compliance indicates a commitment to adopt the same performance standards often required of external investment managers the asset owner retains.
  • Compliance demonstrates to legislative bodies, oversight bodies and the general public a voluntary commitment to follow ethical standards.

Want to learn more?  Watch this 30-minute video Introducing the GIPS Standards for Asset Owners.

What Asset Owners Are Saying

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US Asset Owner Survey Results:  Many asset owners find value in the GIPS standards.  In a survey of US asset owners, 67% of survey respondents require or ask about GIPS compliance when selecting external managers.  Learn more about the survey results here.

Case Study:  AIA, a large insurance company based in Hong Kong, is the first asset owner in Asia Pacific to adopt the GIPS standards.  Learn how and why AIA chose to comply with the GIPS standards.  Read the case study.  Watch a 5-minute video on AIA’s journey to GIPS compliance.

Read an Introduction to the GIPS Standards.

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