GIPS® Standards for Asset Owners

Asset owners are entities that manage investments on behalf of participants, beneficiaries, or the organization itself, and include pension funds, endowments, foundations, and sovereign wealth funds. Asset owners can demand compliance with the GIPS® standards from the external managers they hire and can also adopt the GIPS standards themselves.

GIPS Standards for Asset Owners (PDF)

GIPS Standards for Asset Owners – Errata November 2020 (PDF)

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Translated versions of the GIPS Standards for Asset Owners:




GIPS Standards Handbook for Asset Owners

The GIPS Standards Handbook for Asset Owners includes an explanation of each provision contained in the GIPS Standards for Asset Owners. Following each provision is a discussion that provides interpretive, authoritative guidance to help readers understand the provision.

GIPS Standards Handbook for Asset Owners (searchable, shareable html)

GIPS Standards Handbook for Asset Owners (PDF)

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Guidance Statements

Guidance Statements include authoritative guidance on a particular topic and may contain additional topic-specific requirements and recommendations. Asset Owners must comply with all guidance statements.

See the Archive webpage for prior Guidance Statements that have been archived.

Guidance Statement on Benchmarks for Asset Owners

Adopting Release

Guidance Statement on Verifier Independence

Q&A Database

The GIPS Standards Q&A database contains questions and answers on searchable topics to provide clarity on a specific issue.  Q&As are authoritative guidance.

Q&A database


You can find documents that were created to help asset owners understand and implement the GIPS Standards on the Tools webpage.