GIPS® Standards for Verifiers

Verification is intended to provide additional confidence in an organization’s claim of compliance with the GIPS® standards. Verification is a process by which an independent verification firm (verifier) conducts testing of a firm on a firm-wide basis, or an asset owner on an asset owner-wide basis, in accordance with the required verification procedures of the GIPS standards. The GIPS standards recommend that firms and asset owners be verified.

GIPS Standards for Verifiers (PDF)

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Translated versions of the GIPS Standards for Verifiers:




Guidance Statements

Guidance Statements include authoritative guidance on a particular topic and may contain additional topic-specific requirements and recommendations. Verifiers must comply with the Guidance Statement on Verifier Independence.

Guidance Statement on Verifier Independence


You can find documents that were created to assist verifiers who conduct verifications and performance examinations on the Tools webpage.