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    Effective: 1 January, 2020
    Categories: Portability
    Source: 2020 GIPS Standards

    At Firm T, Manager D is responsible for Firm T’s Emerging Markets Composite. Although Manager D makes all the investment decisions for the portfolios in the composite, Manager D is supported by Firm T’s research department and trading desk. Firm U is seeking to establish an emerging markets investment strategy and hires Manager D to join Firm U. Does Firm U meet the portability test requiring substantially all of the investment decision makers to be employed by the new firm?

    Firm U must determine if Manager D constitutes “substantially all of the investment decision makers” for the Emerging Markets Composite, considering the research department and trading desk did not join Firm U. Firm U must also determine if all the other portability requirements are met. If the portability requirements specified in Provision 1.A.32 are met, Firm U may link the prior performance from Firm T. If the portability requirements specified in Provision 1.A.32 are not met, the historical performance from Firm T must not be linked to the performance of Firm U. 

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