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  • Archived

    Effective: 1 June, 2008 - 31 December, 2013
    Categories: Error Correction
    Source: Guidance Statement on Error Correction

    While undergoing our first verification, we noted that we had not consistently calculated asset-weighted standard deviation for our internal risk measure. In two of the past five years, we had calculated an equal-weighted standard deviation and disclosed that an asset-weighted standard deviation was presented. We intend to restate all amounts to reflect the asset-weighted standard deviation because this is the internal dispersion measure we have chosen to present. Does this qualify as an error?

    The GIPS standards require firms to present a measure of internal dispersion and do not specify which measure must be used. Both asset-weighted and equal-weighted standard deviation are acceptable measures of internal dispersion. In this instance, the error results from an incorrect dispersion measure presented. The firm must treat this as an error and follow the firm’s established error correction policies and procedures.

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