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  • Archived

    Effective: 1 December, 2001 - 30 November, 2013
    Categories: Sub-Advisors
    Source: Investment Performance Council (IPC)

    An investment management firm uses a sub-advisor to manage a portion of the assets for a strategy that the firm manages. Should the assets managed by the sub-advisor be excluded from the composite performance?

    If the firm has discretion over the selection of the sub-advisor, then the assets managed by a sub-advisor on behalf of the firm should be included in the firm’s composite performance and total firm assets. Once the assets are given to a sub-adviser to manage, the firm will not have control over exactly how those assets are invested by the sub-advisor. Nevertheless, the firm chose to invest the assets by placing them with a sub-advisor and has the discretion to hire or fire the sub-advisor.

    The firm can only include the sub-advisor’s performance record relevant to those assets assigned by the firm.

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