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  • Archived

    Effective: 1 May, 2001 - 31 December, 2013
    Categories: Portability
    Source: Investment Performance Council (IPC)

    Manager A previously worked for Firm X that was not compliant with the GIPS standards. Manager A left Firm X and was hired by Firm Z. Firm Z and Manager A are satisfied that the situation meets all the rules of portability. Can Manager A’s performance history at Firm X become compliant or can it not be used because it is non-compliant?

    To clarify, the performance history can never become “compliant.” Compliance with the Standards can only be achieved on a firm-wide basis. If the manager (or management team) satisfies all the requirements of the Guidance Statement on Performance Record Portability (including bringing all the supporting documentation and records to Firm Z), then Firm Z can use the records to construct a composite history that can be used. As provided in the Guidance Statement on Performance Record Portability, the important determinant of allowable performance record portability is not a firm’s former compliance with the GIPS standards but whether the acquiring firm continues the original strategy that defined the composite with all of its continuing factors. Most cases will not meet all of the portability requirements, in which case the past performance record of the manager cannot be linked to the ongoing performance record of the firm. The past performance record of the manager can be presented as supplemental information when relevant. Please note one of the rules of portability requires that the staff and decision-making process remain intact and independent at the new firm. If the investment process is somehow changed, or if the investment staff changes, the historical records of the new manager can only be presented as supplemental information and cannot be linked to the ongoing record of the firm.

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